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Exploring open roads without breaking the bank

Lost in Canyonlands

"I've seen it all And it's never enough It keeps leaving me needing you Take me away" - Lifehouse Canyonlands is not easy to describe. Filled with jagged peaks, sharp turns, treacherous roads and captivating viewpoints. You feel overwhelmed, inadequate... Continue Reading →

Wild About Arches (National Park)

"Slice of life becomes part of the mosaic of your times" - Charles Champlin I desperately needed a break from life. I wanted something extraordinary and felt visiting Moab would be the perfect vacation. It took us close to 12... Continue Reading →

A Leap of Grand Canyon-sized Proportions

Yup, that's me. I like jumping in pictures with amazing backgrounds. It's my kind of thing, you know? My friend almost had a heart attack when she took this picture. I think she thought it would be the last time... Continue Reading →

The Getty Center in Black & White

The Getty Center is one of the famous art museums in Los Angeles. You'll find it perched on top of the hill. The view from the top is spectacular during daytime and especially at night. If you're visiting Los Angeles,... Continue Reading →

Day Trip to Valley of Fire State Park

Every time I step into a national or state park, a wave of excitement hits me. I have this thing for rocks in general, and The Rock (but I'm straying from the topic). Valley of Fire has been on my... Continue Reading →

Vegas on a Beer Budget

Las Vegas offers a lot of enticements and unless you gamble heavily; it does end up being one of the most affordable escapes from reality. If you ever signed up for free rewards membership for Caesars group of hotels, Venetian's... Continue Reading →

Quick Getaway to Mt. Baldy

Okay. Before anything else, let's get this stuff out of the way. If you happen to stumble upon my website, you're probably wondering who I am and why I started a travel blog. Yes, it's a known fact a million... Continue Reading →

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