Unmasking the Small Town Charm of Lake Shasta and Sundial Bridge in Northern California

“Give me a word for the boundary between the world you went to see and the small one you call your own. I want a word for the moment you know you’re almost home.- n.m.h. (via anoraborealis)

Sometimes it’s hard to put into words the exact feeling a place ignites in me. I’ve always been in love with small towns and how different it is from living in a city where traffic is part of everyday life. The moment I found myself in Shasta-Trinity National Forest I was captivated with its quiet charm. There is so much to explore and since I only had the day to spare I tried my best to make the most out of it. I visited Lake Shasta and Shasta Dam. Pictures provided below.

Lake Shasta is a reservoir and also California’s largest man-made lake.
Shasta Dam 

The best thing about visiting the Shasta Dam/Reservoir are free tours. The times may have changed so please call the visitor center before heading to the area.

There are different trails in the area but I was only able to explore Fishermans Point trail.

The Fishermans Point Trail provides access to fishing in Shasta Lake with great views along the way.
Tired? There’s a bench to sit on to catch your breath or simply admire the view.
I think the term for this is “surf fishing” which is something I definitely want to try in the future.

My next stop was the Sundial Bridge at Turtle Bay Exploration Park located in Redding, California. This is the world’s largest working sundial designed by Santiago Calatrava. It only takes a few minutes to cross the bridge unless you plan to use the trails for hiking, running, walking, and cycling.

Sundial Bridge
View of Sacramento River from Sundial Bridge

View of the Sundial Bridge at night

Tips for this trip:
1. There are no parking or entrance fees for both places mentioned here.
2. Bring water and food.
3. Bring your fishing gear to Shasta Lake.
4. Make sure you have a full tank of gas when exploring these areas.
5. Always bring a camera.

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