Sailing in Newport


“Well, it’s not far down to paradise, at least it’s not for me. And if the wind is right you can sail away and find tranquility…” – Christopher Cross

My last post was in January of 2020 and I was expecting to be able to post more. However, this year has been extremely difficult with so much happening all over the world. Hopefully, the pictures and videos you see in this post offer a temporary reprieve from reality. This is why I created my blog. It’s my form of escape and the ocean always gives that sense of peace every time I need to get away from it all. Being in quarantine for a while made me miss the outdoors a lot.

It was a beautiful day and spending the day sailing on the ocean was the perfect break from being cooped up indoors all the time. The water was calm and the weather was just right. I could not ask for more.

We got really lucky and were able to see dolphins…

And a big whale…(I don’t know what kind of whale it is)

It ended up being the kind of day I really needed. It was truly and literally a breath of fresh air.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Please feel free to comment.  I would love to hear from you.

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  1. This looks absolutely fantastic! Wow the whales.

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    1. Bel says:

      Yes! it sure was a great time! 😊


  2. Would love to do that sort of stuff. At least you & 90% of the commenters have a social life and friends to do that sort of stuff with & partners. Tell me, is there an unwritten rule about doing those sorts of vacations alone? If there is, f-it! Life’s too short. I would love to have the sorts of friends who’d want to do this stuff with though).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Bel says:

      Hello! Actually I’m a bit of a loner. I do a lot of solo travelling or travel with my family from time to time. I find there is more freedom in doing things on your own and since I love to explore and I tend to wear people out on trips – I just prefer doing things my way. 😊


      1. Travelling alone, love it. I remember those days from 2009 to 2016. Being stuck at home alone=misery. Travelling alone=great freedom; miss it greatly. Travelling with others (had two experience’s) that’s better than stuck at home lonely, but there’s always that ‘doing what they want’ thing, that lack of freedom. Travelling alone is brilliant. I bloody miss travelling, hopping on trains, plains and buses & going to new cities. Really miss those days (2009-2016 for me). With covid dictatorships I don’t know if social life could exist.

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  3. weirdauntie says:

    I miss sailing. We’d sail on Peconic Bay when hubby was able. Of course we always had his niece, the Captain, because I am beyond useless on a boat. I would still need training wheels. Happy sailing wherever you may be.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Bel says:

      I have no idea how to sail a boat. I am just a passenger and enjoy the ocean and fresh air. I hope you get to do it once again 😊


      1. weirdauntie says:

        I believe it will happen. We went on a lighthouse cruise by ferry before hubby got sick. This was 2 years ago and absolutely wonderful!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Bel says:

        I love lighthouses! I am obsessed with them…I hope to be able to see as much lighthouses someday! I also believe it will happen for you. We all need a break from everything and just get away 😊


  4. Kally says:

    You have such a beautiful blog full with such beauty!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Bel says:

      Thank you! I appreciate it 😊

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